Ugly new legal development for Matt Gaetz

When confessed felon Joel Greenberg cut a plea deal against his buddy Matt Gaetz, it was fairly obvious why this was bad news for Gaetz. But when Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend also agreed to cooperate with the criminal case, it wasn’t immediately clear precisely what value she was to prosecutors. What did she see? What does she know? Now it’s becoming more clear.

Remember when Matt Gaetz went on the Tucker Carlson show and claimed that the Feds were threatening to charge Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend with obstruction of justice? It turns out that was apparently the truth. Politico is reporting that at one point Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend called a witness against Gaetz on the phone, and tried to influence that witness. Then the ex-girlfriend patched Gaetz himself into the call, at which point Gaetz allegedly also tried to tamper with the witness.

Now it makes sense why 1) the Feds were threatening to criminally charge the ex-girlfriend with obstruction, and 2) why Matt Gaetz has good reason to be afraid of her cooperation. If Gaetz’s behavior during that phone call meets the legal definition of obstruction of justice, that’ll add on yet another felony charge against Gaetz and his ex-girlfriend will be there to testify about it to the jury.

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